By dunkyc

Girl down

The day was not off to the best of starts, having been preceded by a night of being up with The Youngest whilst she vomited at surprisingly regular half hourly intervals.

I fear that she may have been struck with the dreaded norovirus, which looks to be just about as much fun as you may have heard it is. The Eldest was advised to keep away, whilst m’boy and I keep our fingers crossed that we seem to have dodged it for the time being. Our plans for bouncing around on trampolines suddenly didn’t seem appropriate and we kept our distance from visiting grandparents just to be on the safe side.

Whilst The Youngest has tried to sleep it off, this has meant a largely screen-based day for m’boy and I, who has been lovely company in between games, movies and football. He’s particularly into a driving game at present, and it’s very sweet to watch him with his headphones on and making all the usual little boy car-noises as loses himself in the action.

On the sum total of two hours sleep, I think I did pretty well and finally managed to finish my book (Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro), which was dark, but excellent.

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