Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Jax, again

And again a quick snap with my iPhone. I promise to do something different tomorrow. Maybe.

Last night was a little challenging starting with Jax refusing to climb the stairs and Hubs having to carry him up. Then it took him a long time to settle. But once he got to bed he slept through u to around 6:30 with no accidents.

He is still not sure what to make of the cats so growls and barks when he sees them which freaks them out. So we are having some heavily supervised meetings with both parties allowed to smell each other. Jax’s response was to fart which smelled more foul than words can describe.

There was one little yellow accident in the kitchen this morning, but we fully expect d some accidents. He’s just a puppy, after all.

He’s a different dog today - tail up, curious, happy as long as he can be near one of us. Currently he is snoring under Hubs’ desk. He’s been on several walks today and met some of the neighbors and their dogs. One of the neighbors has a large Shepard mix who barked at Jax and showed his teeth, so Jax raised his tiny half-inch hackles and growled. It was pretty funny. See Extra for a picture of Jax and I - he’s the cute one!

Today is Hubs birthday and it’s a big one. To celebrate, I am cooking a special meal tonight. Happy birthday, my dear!


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