Flowers and a duck

Maddy and Leo stayed overnight and this morning Maddy did some colouring in. I liked the way she did this duck with different feathers and textures. I asked her who taught her to colour in like that and she said she did it herself.

The few sweet peas have a story as do many of my garden blooms. The seeds were a gift from Natalie at work about 6 years ago, her husband grows them from seed each year. They are the old fashioned scented ones. I lost the seeds (misplaced the seeds) the first year and since then have had a few come up in a big old pot. This year only one was produced and it is growing on the edge of the lawn. I’ve been carefully mowing around it and today I noticed a few flowers. I hope it survives long enough for me to collect new seeds for next year. Silly plant growing in the lawn.

Pop took the grandchildren riding while I did housework then Maddy and I played on the piano. This afternoon we went over to visit our son and daughter in law and their 4 boys. Elijah (almost 5 years) spent most of the time building electrical circuits. He has this kit which has batteries and lights and little motors. It’s amazing what kids learn these days. Their cocker spaniel pup was very apprehensive and didn’t want anything to do with us. They have been locked up for Covid and the pup needs to meet new people and other dogs. She is lovely. 

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