By Mrsmacdub

Day 32 Level 3 Lockdown Step 1

It was a beautiful morning, so we drove along the waterfront on our way to the supermarket. The beaches were packed, cars were everywhere, people were swimming or just sitting on the sand relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. You can’t blame them, we’re all going stir crazy in Auckland - twelve weeks in lockdown come Tuesday at 11:59pm and no end game in sight.

As we drove along Tamaki Drive at St Heliers on our way to the supermarket, we saw an exercise class in progress on Vellenoweth Green.  The participants were on their backs holding what looked like a difficult pose, but by the time hubby parked and I got out of the car they were flat on their backs relaxing (top left). On our way home we managed to find a park and went for a slow walk along the beach at Kohimarama.  There were lots of people on the beach, but the groups were at a reasonable distance from each other (bottom left).  Then we saw a chap doing a headstand (right).  Brilliant - blip for the day solved!

There are 206 cases of Covid-19 in the community today, 200 of which are in Auckland, four in the Waikato and two in Northland. It’s the highest number of cases reported in a day since the beginning of the pandemic, and the first time case numbers have topped 200. Sadly, there were two deaths during the week of people with Covid-19 isolating at home.

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