By Ingleman

Messing About On The Water

As promised, today's weather is on the biblical side of abysmal. I love it!

Our holiday accommodation has a magnificent picture window, looking out over lush green fields, dry (snigger) stone walls, a majestic lake, forest and distant craggy mountains. We can't see any of it. It is as if someone has sprayed the glass battleship grey. The only way we know it is raining is the sound of the water lashing the window. If you are of an age, think Tiswas

But it is elemental. It goes with the territory and I love it. 

Yesterday I promised you boats. High speed ones. Here you are then, enjoy. 

I had massive, angry, frustrating stressful time trying to create a simple grid in Photoshop. It's pants. Thanks to Marpaul for recommending Pic Collage, a wonderful, simple, easy app for building grids, frames and collages. Truly intuitive to use, it's great. And free! Thank you Marpaul, I feel better now!

I also found out yesterday why divers fall backwards out of a boat....

Because if they fell forwards they would still be in the boat....

I am excited about tomorrow, the forecast is for only 50% precipitation. Those are the odds I can work with. The views will be stormy and exciting, the waterfalls will be swollen and bulging. 

For swollen and bulging (ladies only) think Theophilus P Wildebeeste...

Finally, just to let you know I have started a business selling yachts from my home, using the new extension as a shop. The sails are going through the roof... 

I'll get my coat... 

Note: Original image changed, I noticed the focus was off, apologies!

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