A flypast in negative space

Thanks Carolina for hosting Mono Monday. Your themes are always thought provoking. I'm not sure I got this right and, as usual, I wish I'd had a better/longer lens with me but here we are. There were about 12 swans flying overhead. This is part of the group. My attention had been focused on a sparrowhawk in the field. At first I thought it was a decoy but unless it was battery operated it was a real bird. Then the noise of the swans' wings took me away from the sparrowhawk. So lovely to see them. Hope you like my effort.

I was in the very muddy field with Flora prior to my grandson's arrival for Monday childminding. I've made some individual sponge cakes and popped a bit of apple in each to help use up the glut. He'll probably pick all the apple out! Now a bit of soup making and no doubt toy railway building. Something we will all enjoy.

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