By Happyme

A treat fir

One of my DILs is an ambassador for this company. I have bought quite a few of their products, and although a little pricy, they all work well with my skin which is prone to rosacea and can be really sensitive. Also some of the money from everything you buy goes towards funding schools in remote parts of the world, giving it a bit of extra feel good factor when I buy. This set came beautifully packaged, I almost felt I needed to gift it! With a price tag of just £28 I felt like I had a bargain especially as I have used two of the products before. It's great that I can order online and use my DIL's name at the checkout and she then gets recognition too. 
It was the matting group meet up today. There was only six of us but we had a lovely afternoon, with three mats on the go and coming along nicely. 
Somehow after my trip out yesterday I seem to have lost a pair of my specs. Luckily not the new reading ones I bought  recently but my only pair of distance glasses which I like for travelling and walking about. Now I'm having to wear my older varifocals which is a bit annoying. When I return from my trip I'll sort out replacing them.   
I walked to and from matting so my knee has been painful this evening. I'll give it a rest day tomorrow as I've not planned to go anywhere and hope to see some improvement!

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