By pensionspoet

Temporary space

After a day of shopping, followed by singing (which was good) then more shopping I sat down for some lunch. Then the afternoon flew as I tried to tidy. Had a long chat with Manda which was really nice. Did 3 loads of washing, but still didn’t manage to Hoover anywhere! I’ll do it at the weekend, I’m sure!!

Eventually I started in the conservatory but it got dark, and I got sidetracked and the result was a conservatory that looks more untidy than when I started! I did, however, move this smaller table to the area at the bottom of the stairs. This is where I will sew in the evenings so that I have light and warmth. Before I start any more bags, I’ve sorted out fabric pairing lining with outer fabric, and will cut and interface it in the conservatory at the weekend. Cutting takes the longest. It WILL be tidy by the end of the weekend, and I will be focussed on making as many bags as possible. We have decided, with the help of my Facebook ‘family’ on £15 for bags, £12 and £15 on mice in frames, and £6 or £7 for the purses. £5 for other small bits and earrings. I feel like I’m getting organised now.

Just got to find a folding table now, and we will be sorted!

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