Flower Friday

Here are some peonies and roses. It’s been very wet and the river is at minor (now moderate flood level)  flood level. All the flowers are lying down so I’m glad I picked a few yesterday and don’t have to go out in the gloom. I’m not sure what the peony’s name is but the roses are Princess Alexandra of Kent ( David Austin variety). I found three huge branches twisted and bent yesterday so bought them inside. The arrangement looks a bit like something in a church or at a wedding. It’s enormous. 

I’m a bit distracted as I’m packing to go to Sydney early tomorrow. Is easier now we don’t have pets but I needed to do a few jobs and wonder what to wear. It is usually hotter and muggy in the city but it will only be 9° in the mountains on the way there and back home. That means taking a few outfits and after Covid I’m not sure what fits. It all a bit discombobulating. 

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