By LeeAnne

Creepy dolls…

Today I remembered just in time that I was volunteering with Poppy Scotland at the Remembrance Service at Haymarket so I duly got up, donned my poppy and made sure everyone who passed me was wearing a poppy too.

Then I went for a pootle round some of my favourite junk places and you can have these creepy dolls. Maybe Drum Farm Antiques is where dolls go to die?! Then I made a start on my Christmas shopping!

I’m off to do some work after spending too long trying to figure out how to price a tricky job. I’m happy to do a favour but I really do have bills to pay and I’m utterly rubbish and generally think I often undercharge. However, I am value for money so I put my big girl pants on and went back with a counter offer! Watch this space!

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