An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Early rise...

Set my alarm for 5.30am.  Just enough time to visit the loo, brush my teeth and fire up the lap top before 6am.  Yes, it was that time of year again, with Tesco releasing their Christmas delivery slots.

This screenshot was taken at 5.50am and I was 50,011th in the queue.  Another message flashed up telling me I would be in the queue for an hour and I almost went and made a cuppa but I am glad I didn't as the queue moved much faster than I expected and I had secured my delivery slot on 23rd December after 25 minutes or so.

This new queuing system has been introduced as in previous years the website constantly crashed and it took hours to get through to get a delivery slot.  And half an hour sitting up in bed watching the queue numbers fall sure beats battling one's way around the supermarket in person on 23rd December!  

It won't even be that big an order who am I kidding?! lol as I get all my festive meat from our local butcher, but I do need it for all the extras :-)  So, one thing ticked off my to do list.

I also started my Christmas shopping.  A couple of people are quite difficult to buy for but I had a brain wave and half an hour later, their gifts were in the bag.  Not from Tesco I hasten to add!  :-)  So that's another two things ticked off my list.

This afternoon we had a visit from Alan's friend Rachel.  Lovely to see her.  She had been baking and made Empire biscuits and brought us some.  Absolutely delicious!

Early dinner as David was heading out to his singing rehearsal.  And I've just finished this week's Tesco order (Been a bit of a Tesco-centric day!) for delivery tomorrow, a day early as David is heading off on his annual hill climbing jolly to the Lake District on Thursday morning.

Now time for a cuppa :-)

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