The eyes arrived! I finished them all, packed them away and then remembered I hadn't photographed them! I unpacked a few so I could quickly blip this late this evening.
I wish I was travelling light but with all the gifts, the tree ornaments, granddaughter's sweater, other granddaughter's rainmac, all those knitted kittens and the apron and of course the wedding outfit with hat and shoes, light travelling is just not happening! At least I should be a bit lighter on my return journey. 
I went to matting this afternoon, there was ten of us there which was the most for a long time. It was a jolly afternoon and Greta had made chocolate, cherry and coconut slice, what a treat! Three hours just rushed by.
I've just about finished my packing and found a corner in my rucksack for my knitting so I can do a bit on the train if it's not too busy and in the evenings at Charlotte's. 
The following ten days blips will possibly be short and sweet amongst all my visiting!

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