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By walkingMarj

First stage of the journey

I had the morning to check that I had remembered all the things I should have packed…

Brian took me to the station to find that my train had been cancelled due to an emergency on the line. The next train would have been OK assuming that the emergency was over. Quick as a shot we were off to Newcastle in the car. What a good friend.

My train to Edinburgh was very busy and I didn’t enjoy being so close to others. I had requested a single seat but it was not to be.

The boiler was off in the buffet car so the steward suggested wine instead. I followed his advice and hot coffee arrived 10 minutes later!

My blip is taken from the temporary taxi rank at Waverley Station, just in the golden hour.

Now I’m ensconced in a Premier Inn. Doom Bar was out of stock so I am drinking Rocking Rudolph instead. Nearly forgot to say that the menu has been modernised and Prawn Cocktail is a casualty. I always have prawn cocktail at Premier Inns!

I’ll be in Kirkwall for coffee tomorrow morning if anyone fancies a last minute blipmeet!

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