Even more washing was done (where does it all come from?) and then I made pancakes.  BB was delighted, but asked when I would be making soda bread.  Note to self – must make some soon!  Making pancakes is a nice way to start the day.  It can’t be rushed, you just have to stand and  watch  them cook in the pan and ease yourself into the day.
Alter I had a trip to the post office and a look in a couple of shops as I sought some inspiration.   I had left BB in peace doing some revision as TT was at church. 
Once we were all reunited, we three headed into Edinburgh to meet up with friends for lunch.  We haven’t seen them for around two years.  Our last planned lunch date was in March 2020, but lockdown got in the way.  It was lovely to see them, their wee boy is no longer a wee boy, but then they said the same to us.  Nice food, very drinkable fizz and lots of chat.  The down side was I was at the end o0f the table, with a large group (maybe ten), behind me – and their noise dominated.  We left late in the afternoon with a plan to meet up between Christmas and New Year. 
We drove home as it was getting dark and watched the moon, which was quite mesmerising.  TT and I then walked to the supermarket for a couple of things and noticed a few house with their Christmas lights up, and we could see into a few houses which had Christmas trees up.  Isn’t it just too early for that?
Later there was a wee bit of Strictly – I haven’t been watching it this year, and later a movie, though I left the boys to it and went off to finish my book in peace.
Not much in the way of blips today, but spotted this adornment near where we parked in Edinburgh.

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