Autumn gold

Liz and Tony paid us a visit today as part of a weekend break in Edinburgh - all the way from North Berwick!

We took our guests for a tour of the Royal Botanic Garden, came back to our flat for lunch, and then - because she said that she wanted a bread maker and would happily take an unused second hand one - introduced Liz to the wonders of the EFI warehouse. As predicted, there was a brand new bread maker in stock, but it was too large for Liz's requirements.

Before and after seeing to our guests, I gardened: in the yarden in the morning, and at the back in the afternoon.

It's been a lovely day to be outside, as can be seen in my blip taken at the west end of the beech hedge in the Royal Botanic Garden.

Exercise today: walking/gardening (14,444 steps).

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