By carliewired

Beautiful....But Very Windy

It is a golden
morning with sunshine and blue
sky - but mind the wind! 

~ carliewired

I was up all too early drinking my first coffee and waiting for the light to come up. I managed to venture out to collect some groceries and return home with them. I was relieved to see that my local grocery was keeping up supplies in the face of all the road closures. I put the groceries away and managed this sunrise photo from my deck just after 8. It was 2 C with gusting winds. 

I took a wee nap in my recliner before I headed out again with my camera. It is such a gorgeous day, but the wind takes my breath away and I must hang on tight to the truck door as I get in and out. 

I drove out to Tranquille to have a look at the pond and see what waterfowl were about. The Canada geese owned the pond. They were there in great numbers and making a lot of noise. I did see two trumpeter swans but they were not available to me this morning. The wind feels warm so it will whip away more snow from the area. 

I skirted by the airport on the way back, picking up a very late breakfast before heading home. I was relaxing in my chair before the 11 AM news came on. 

This would seem to be our only sunny day for this week. We expect to be back to showers again tomorrow. The forecast for today is for a mainly sunny day with a high of 7 C. It is wonderful to have all that sun pouring into my house. 

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