By flavia13


Well G is back again, just for 3 weeks this time, NOT 18 months eeekkk!!!

G said that his entrance into Waverly wasn't too busy and as he already knew which platform he didn't have to go onto the main concourse where it was likely to be busy.  His train left on time and he managed to get a secluded seat and the train wasn't too busy either.  Most people were masked because that is still the rules in Scotland but I still like a little bit of people watching so it was a good day for that.

G's train left on time and arrived on time yeahh - this is it coming in.  Oxenholme was busy on Platform 2, going to Scotland but  not horrendus and on Platform 1,  arriving from  Scotland wasn't too bad.  It's weird but I really just don't like busy any more at all

We then went to Sizergh Barn for a delicious lunch - rarebit with some added bacon - scrumptious.  

My EDPS theme for this week is Candid, street photography so I thought and suggestions of using your camera phone or an unobtrustive camera.  So I used my Samsung for this shot.  No brilliant but it's a start and it is candid.  

It did feel odd going out without my camera as it has really become part of me and I rarely go out without it.  

Today's weather was very grey and rainy at times, so I think having had my unexpected day out on Monday was a blessing on such a perfect day.  

Do take care everyone  and stay safe. 

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