By Ingleman

Autumn's Carpet

A day off from construction. A wonderful day of respite. A mellow day in which I returned the (very heavy) whacker plate to Gary's storage shed and took Hollie for a gentle amble through the trees and a  deep and crunchy carpet of leaves. It was very apparent to me today that even in their final throes the leaves dazzle with colours and hues over such a wide range. And the carpet changes as one walks below trees of different varieties. It was great to just ramble, aimlessly. Walking the dog, talking to other dog walkers and enjoying the freshening breeze which riffled through almost bare branches.

I didn't realise how tired I was, but when I got home and the heating was on I just slumped.

Mrs I is at her elderly parents, caring and cooking. They do well considering their advanced years,  both being in their nineties. She has her Covid booster this afternoon, and mine is later this evening. Hope it doesn't knock us about like last time, busy day tomorrow, at the grindstone!

A belated thank you to everyone for the kind comments, and stars and hearts on recent blips. I am grateful for your time and support! 

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