I went to the doctors this morning to have a routine blood test, blood pressure taken, and they ambushed me with the flu jab which I normally avoid like the plague. No pun intented. They also convinced me of the wisdom of making an appointment to have a Pneumonia vaccine, because of my risk of respiratory and cardio vascular complications.

So here I am, the world's latest pin cushion.

Weather today: abysmaL with a capital Ell.

It has rainedandrainedandrained. Such a depressing and soul destroying period of weather.

Which is why I took the image for today's blip. More in extras. It seemed ridiculously random and somehow amusing. Pointless but intriguing. And it cheered me up!

And while I am in this trough of despond, I will let you into a little secret. I worry a lot about being naked in front of a woman for the first time.

I mean, what if she screams and runs out of the shop? 

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