A day in the life

By Shelling

Post concert

It was long ago that I saw a signpost like this. It was placed at the entrance to the concert venue, "Persona" art gallery. Bengt and me was there a couple of weeks ago to play our Evert Taube-program and tonight was the second and last of our two shows here. Only fifteen showed up but that means we still had a sense of an audience, because thirty people is the absolute max in that room. It became a very relaxed hour and a half and everybody was singing along in the songs. The best comment was; " never quite understood what the songs was about before, now I could hear all the words and I listened to the songs as a story, wondering what would happen next."
I just got home, feeling tired and a little melancholy, as I often do after a concert. It will be an early night. Tomorrow it's time to polish on Sundays concert. 

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