Capital adventures

By marchmont


A broken night's sleep not helped by the sound of the gale. Listened to podcasts, Fortunately was particularly good and followed the poor folk stuck on the train at Huntly. Ho hum.

Off to Glasgow today but a precautionary LFT as Y's husband is starting 3 days isolation prior to a medical procedure. Before I left I reclaimed all the wayward recycling, planted a rose, ordered a Christmas tree and righted a couple of upended pots. All in all we got off lightly.

Though not on the journey west. The trains were off and the 900 was full, v hot and unventilated and slow because of the number of folk getting on. Took over 3 hours door to door.

But it was worth it. Lovely late lunch and catch up with Y and shouting through to H who was keeping well away. She has a turkey for 17 ordered. Hope today's didn't mean more restrictions.

Got the train back so an hour quicker and would have been even quicker if I hadn't just missed the 31. But it did give me time to walk up to blip lights in George St. The town was v busy.

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