Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Close to Finish


The engine light came on on Wednesday, so the most pressing thing today was to take the car to Peugeot for them to take a look. It is the same fault. Being there gave us the chance to schedule the repair etc.

We then popped into IKEA in Festival City. Their Christmas store is in full flow and had more than one item that caught our eye! We should have been home for the rest of the day, except I had a call from the person who was going to buy the old 307. He has found another buyer for me. Sadly, the car will go to scrap, but I get paid a little more. We drove out there again to collect the licence plates to de-register the vehicle. It took a while (not at the RTA office - that was efficient), but we got there. Mission Accomplished.

My blip is a new skyscraper under construction close to The Frame.

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