Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Fly Me To The Moon

You can now say that you have seen a hummingbird in space. The moon shot was taken several days ago by Reno brother. (I hope that’s not cheating) but I was lucky enough to get my little friend very early this morning. I must thank RB for his contribution. I struggled to get this done on my phone and was pleased with the outcome.
Thanks to Carolina for hosting this challenge in November.

The only thing on my schedule today was to get my nephrology labs done. I got up, got my shot then out for my COFFEE before that appointment.

I scheduled a few things that I had been putting off: dental appointment, irrigation system winter adjustment and a plumber because I probably need a replacement water tank.

I didn’t pay for my coffee because I planned on coming back for lunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it by the 2:00 closing time. I’ll definitely have to go tomorrow.

I slept in my bed for the first time and it felt glorious. I’m getting around pretty well (with the boot) with the exception of needing a cane to get in and out of the car, navigating doorways and walking up handicapped ramps. Why do they make them so steep?

What did the astronauts realize when they found a skeleton on the moon?
The cow didn’t make it.

Don’t get it? Brush up on your nursery rhymes. :-)

Post script: I generally dictate my write ups, comments and replies. It seems my phone does not approve of my accent. So, please excuse any Grammar or spelling mistakes. The most ridiculous error was yesterday. I said the word “comma” but the phone replaced it with the word Santa.

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