A time for everything

By turnx3

Christmas is coming: Mono Monday: double exposure

Not a very productive day today, and didn’t get out, even though it was a sunny morning. Laura and I did start decorating the tree late morning, after a discussion over which lights to use - it’s complicated so I won’t go into it! In the afternoon there were FaceTime calls with Roger’s Dad and his sister Janet. It was getting dark, before I thought of what I was going to blip. What I came up with was two shots relating to the tree decorating. There were some Christmas lights lying on a chair and plugged in to test them, then there was a second shot of a nativity Christmas ornament I have.
Laura was out working this evening as usual from 4-8, then was supposed to be meeting a friend. However, she returned about 8.30. She received her flu shot and Covid booster first thing this morning, and was feeling the consequences, so she has now gone to bed early. Hopefully she’ll be fine in
the morning!
Thanks to Carolina for hosting!

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