By flavia13


A very grey day today.  My gorgoeus niece bought me some flowers the  other day in  with the were some gorgoeus ornamental cabbages - amazing.  I don't know why I've never thought about using them in a bouquet before but they do look fabulous.  

Woke up this morning and the snow had all gone, it was still there when we went to ged last night so it must have warmed up considerably in the night - and rained too I think.  

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from the North Lancs and South Cumbria Breast Screening programme inviting me to take part and giving me a telephone number and website to contact them.  I could have sent it back in the post but as I've left it a couple of weeks thought I ought to try the wesite.  Couldn't find it - I found the programme but nothing letting me click to say where I would like to have it or anything.  So I tried phoning.  After being on the phone for an age, it started ringing - yeah I thought ----- but no a disembodied voice came on the phone saying to try again between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm (well that is what I was doing).  Then I noticed there was also an email to reply to so I've contacted them saying yes I would up the invitation and at the Westmorland Hospital in Kendal.  Now I will just have to sit back and wait to see how long that takes.  It's actually good that they are so busy because a lot of people are obvoiusly taking up the invitation.

I don't know why they've suddenly sent out invitations asking you take part  because in previous years I've just been given an appointment and have always made the effort to attend whichever appointment they gave me!!! I guess a lot of things have changed in recent years and I'm just grateful that I'm being offered it.

Spending ages going through everything single photograph now and giving a really good tidy up to both laptop and 2 hard drives, so that will take a few days. 

I can't believe how lucky we've been with Storm Arwen as there are still some places locally, Cumbria-wise and other places that still do not power.  I've been checking up onthe community pages and a lot of the hotels have been stepping up providing space, food, showers etc for anyone who needs it so that is great.  Tim Farron, as always, has been on the case with ENW and they are now offering to put those still affected into hotels if they want at their expense (I should do darn well hope so).  Mind you it can't be easy for them either as they have all been working flat out to get everything restored and with the weathe conditions  on top of it all it's been very difficult.

I would offer shelter to any local person that needs it but as the hotels are doing all that I doubt it would be needed, still I can let people know that I'm here should it be needed.

Do take care everyone, stay safe and warm.   I do so hope  you are all well and not badly affected.  Do contact me if  you are from Cumbria or North Lancs and need somewhere to warm up - I have a small but warm place if you need it.

See you all tomorrow.

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