This morning the first thing I did after taking my thyroid tablet was walk to the park to get a Blip. I thought I'd get it sorted early on so I could get on with the jobs I needed to do. They were the type of things I like doing - sorting/sending mail, writing my Christmas present list etc.

There were loads of black headed gulls in the Arboretum. Someone had been feeding them as they flew in a frenzy, trying to snaffle as many of the goodies on offer as they could. I don't know if there is special food you can get for gulls that is appropriate for them. I wonder if in their case it really matters as they seem to enjoy and thrive on anything they can get their beaks on!

This one is having a serene glide around the pond to let its breakfast digest. There's a couple of gull extras too.

Grace has managed to have another flat tyre! That is three times now. Either she is driving onto kerbs or the tyre place she uses is using poor quality goods or she has been very unlucky! She has borrowed our car to go to an appointment she has. She's never driven it before - hope she gets on OK!

Must get ready for work now since she can't give me a lift!

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