a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Indoor play

Cathy had to go into her office this morning, for a change - she normally works at home.  That left me waiting for the roofer, and hoping that he would come.  

The ridge tile that came off in the recent storm, has been sitting in the middle of the roof pitch, just above the back door. If it were to complete the journey that gravity has planned for it while someone was in the drop zone it could well prove fatal, and not just for the ridge tile. So for the last few days the back door and the patio around it have been out of bounds.

Fortunately the roofer turned up, and with me standing on the bottom of his ladder while he was at the scary end, he managed to retrieve the ridge tile.  We're going to need scaffolding to repair the ridge, but at least the immediate problem is sorted.

While I waited for the roofer I had a play with some of the techniques that we were shown on the studio lighting course I attended a few months ago, and this was the result.  I've not tried to iron out any of the wrinkles!

(If you are interested, my key light is a speed light through a soft box in front of and above me, with a reflector placed horizontally at about waist height.  There's a second speed light aimed at the hair to stop it disappearing into the background.  That second light is fired through a homemade cardboard tube to limit the play of light to just the head).

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