a lifetime burning

By Sheol

The size of the bill

No, not what you say when the waiter brings you l'addition at the end of the evening, but a rather personal remark about the Shoveler's huge, long, broad bill.

The shoveler is superficially pretty similar to the mallard in its colouration, until you notice the male's large white chest, but long before that, its big shovel like schnozzle easily allows you to tell them apart.  

Its misty and cold again here today, but at least it is not November anymore.  November is Dad's least favourite month. His Mum died on 26 November 1938, when he was just 7 and my Mum, his wife died on 15 November 2007, so he has good reason to dislike the month.  He's struggling with his health now, and can't always remember who is alive and who is dead, but he remembers that he hates November.  So its always good to see December arrive and with it the start of Christmas festivities :-)

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