Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54


Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting abstract Thursday. Can anyone figure out what this might be? If a clue is any help, I took the photo when I was in Joann fabrics trying to find something special to use as my Blip tomorrow.

I saw my surgeon yesterday and she told me I could stop using the boot. I had a ginormous lump on the outside of my foot which had nothing to do with the surgery. She surmised it must’ve been from the boot. I put ice on it and it has gone down but is still purple.

When I asked about continuing pain, she said to expect it for several more days. She also said I had the ankle (joint) of a 25-year old. If only the rest of my body would follow its lead. I’ll see her in three weeks when we’ll know how successful it was.

A weather note: during the month of November only one day was below average. Yesterday, we broke a record. The high was 85°/29°. December is supposed to be our coldest month! Climate change?

BC eventually found my mono Monday posts in the spam folder. It should be up now. Hopefully, with coöperation from new blippers daring to take the hosting plunge, I won’t do it at all in 2022. My heart can’t take it! (It’s not 25-yrs old)

Rolling out of bed on Monday is easy. Getting off the floor, not so much.

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