Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Village Christmas Tree

Spent a lot of time today wrapping Christmas presents, packing them into boxes, weighing boxes and calculating postage costs to USA.  I like to know what the cost is before I go to the Post Office as in the past " they " have tried to overcharge me and I've had to challenge the price quoted.    So " forewarned is forearmed " as they say. 

However by the time I had packed up 3 boxes and faffed around weighing etc the post office would have been closed by the time I got to the village.  But at least they are ready to post on Monday.  And there will be others ready then as well.

Decided to still go out as I needed a bit of fresh air and a walk.  Tesco and Herons were still open so I popped into both.

After doing my shopping I had a wander along to Church Green to look at the village Christmas tree. It was dark and I only had my phone with me so I decided to use the " Light Painting " function..  Wasn't sure what to expect but the photo is " different ".

It was milder today and dry but very dull. 

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