Ferry, cross the . . . . . . . harbour

A glorious day today after a light frost. I had to go out to shop for a few things and drove up to Pulpit Hill to see what was happening. Oban was bathed in sunshine. Cruachan stood out white against the blue sky. The 'Isle of Lewis' came off the pier out into the harbour and sat there until the 'Isle of Arran' shifted berths, then she came back in. This is her off to turn around ready to come back in! 

I chatted to a Hungarian lady who told me she was going over to Kerrera, so as I wanted to see what had happened to the rockfall I gave her a lift down to the ferry. The road was clear and only a muddy verge showed that there had been some activity, apart from a rock still sitting in the nearby garden. 

Stopped at the North Pier too on the way back in time to watch the second exit of the 'Isle of Lewis' in half an hour from the ferry pier! 

Now I must go out and rake leaves!

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