By Teasel


I got myself ready to go for a run – even though I knew I had to work today.  I planned to log on early and do a couple of hours, then go for a run and log on again later.  However things didn’t work out like that.  Work got in the way of everything – which was rather disappointing as it was a lovely morning for a  run.  I did get out of the house at lunchtime – but really just to pop down into town to pick up the lunch I had ordered.  I bumped into a friend on my way home, but was so focused on getting back to work, my brain wasn’t in the right place to stop for a proper chat.
My next plan was to work until 4pm – then to go out for a walk – that didn’t work out either, as it was about 6pm when I eventually logged off.  I then popped out for walk in the dark, having asked TT to pick some things up for tea on his way home.
Later I watched some TV and then dozed on the sofa.  TT had his usually Friday night Zoom with his whisky chums, and BB was basking in the glory of getting an excellent mark for his Design and Manufacturing prelim.
An emergency blip taken on my walk in the dark.

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