Cast Away: Starring T. Tiger and "Wilson"

T. Tiger found a golf ball when we were at Buffalo Run park the other day. And of course, you know how he is. He is a magpie, like me. Everything cool I find, I tuck into a pocket. And T. Tiger is no different. (Except he HAS no pockets. So he borrows mine.)

And then we looked at the golf ball and noted that it said Wilson on it. Well, the wheels began to turn, and you know EXACTLY where things headed from there! So, say hello to T. Tiger and "Wilson," in a little silver boat. They were stranded on a desert island, but are now getting ready to head off into stormy seas, in hopes of rescue!

It is not a raft; no, not exactly. And they do have just a couple of stores tucked along in. I'm not sure what they were thinking. These items won't get them far, I'm afraid. But they remain undaunted! Hooray for the fearless Tiger and his brand new friend!

Fair winds and following seas!

I wanted the soundtrack song for this Blip to be one from the film Cast Away. So here is one: Elvis Presley, with Return to Sender.

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