Gresham Ladies

Do you remember in January 2020 I discovered a WI type ladies group in Gresham, who met monthly for social activities in the village hall? You don’t? Well I’m sure I told you - but we only met twice then the dreaded covid hit and that was that. I was so close to making some friends in the village, when it all came crashing down!

Well, tonight, the group reconvened for a pre Christmas meet up, in preparation for starting afresh in January - 2 years since I first met them. I’ve just got back. Those poor ladies - they had to listen to me for 2 hours talking about my year!! Anyway, we made table decorations - lots of the ladies said they liked mine, but to be quite honest I was talking so much it seemed to make itself!! So a really nice, normal evening at last!

I worked from my sofa today. I just couldn’t face the bitter temperature outside. It wasn’t comfortable or very productive, so not ideal, but it was warmer. At lunchtime I nipped to Cromer post office and a couple of other shops, but it had started to rain again like yesterday. I thought of poor Jon on his bike again getting wet. His coat, socks, gloves, boots and jacket are all hanging up in front of the radiator again now, like they were yesterday!

Made a mushroom and nut pilaf for dinner which was really tasty. I combined an old recipe we used to make when we were first married and going through a vegetarian phase, with an online one with spices added. Henry had chicken burger and noodles, because Mollie said it was a waste giving him any, as he would pick out the mushrooms, pepper, onion and celery!!! I had to agree - it meant more for us. I’ll definitely do it again.

Must head to bed now. Too late to start writing more cards….

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