Photo download

Or should that be upload? Anyway, my proper camera doesn’t get much (enough) use, and is never used for my blip photo as it is took long winded getting the photos off the camera onto the computer. But tonight I managed it. I think they are now in the cloud. There were over 500. I really should go through them all and delete many, but that is another job that will have to wait until I have time (retire!)

Work was ok and this evening after the photo stuff I wrapped a few presents upstairs. Not a job I enjoy, but present buying has been scaled back a lot this year, so not so much to wrap. We are heading to Norwich on Saturday to hopefully finish the buying.

Still ploughing through Wuthering Heights. I am pretty sure it is the favourite book of a friend of mine Jackie, who I met at Chester college in the 1980s and who now lives in New Zealand. So Jackie, if you happen to read this, when I eventually manage to get out to NZ in 2 or 3 years time, I need you to explain it to me!

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