By pensionspoet

Home made over the years

Usually people who have children, have their trees adorned with decorations made by their offspring. Apart from a red sparkly pipecleaner bent into the word 'poo' by Henry a few years ago, our hand made creations are all mine! The candle is the oldest. Possibly 28 years old? I was definitely making these before Daniel was born, and used to sell them to old Cambs CC colleagues. My original, very first mouse house is also sitting on the side and comes out every year. I made many of these over the years. A couple of hundred over a 20 year period I would guess. I'll add a picture to my extras. It has lost an ear and is looking quite weather beaten, but was made with love in, I think, 1993! I used to search the garden centres every year for small terracotta pots, to fulfill the annual 'orders' for my little mouse houses. Now I make the same, just much smaller in the nut or acorn shells!

Work was a regular day. I have been advised I have an interview Friday week for the internal post I applied for, together with 2 of my colleagues. I know I am the under dog, but will do some preparation over the coming week.

Yoga was nice and relaxing as always. Jon and I are now watching vintage comedy on BBC4 and our advent candle burn!

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