By lizzie_birkett

Midwinter Drawing

I’ve been trying for days to do a picture that was in my head but what was in said head would not go down on paper.
Today I did it though it is still not what I had in mind bit I’m happy with it all the same.
I wanted it to be just black outlines and dotty shading with one other colour - red on the robin and berries. Somehow I got carried away!
I got the inspiration for this drawing from some trees on Harling Darlings Blip the other day ;-)

I haven’t done much else today - except rant at the news and the lies that BJ and other members of his ridiculous party (pardon the pun!) keep spewing forth!

Can we have a vote of no confidence?

Book and bedtime now, I’m calm…honest!
Goodnight ;-) X

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