By carliewired

Staying Home!

The weatherman has
come good with the threat of a
big snowfall - it's here! 

~ carliewired

Snow began to fall in the region after dark last evening. A friend called to share her perilous drive home from work and she advised me not to go out today if I didn't need to go. I watched posting on Facebook through the evening which also included grave warnings about the road conditions in our area. So, I'm staying home today! I will give the city the day to put things right on our roadways. 

I was out on my deck assessing the accumulation of snow just after 8 AM. It looked like about 6 inches of rather wet snow. It was - 4 C and calm. Snow stuck to the bare trees. There was a sliver of blue in the east but I didn't expect it to last. 

When I'd emptied the coffee pot and had breakfast I went out to clear my double driveway. It was slower going than before. It was a lot harder to push that shovel this morning. I was about 45 minutes completing the job. I looked up the hill to see a neighbour out there pushing his snow blower. I was thinking that looked a lot easier than my process. 

I'm home with the radio on, the crockpot simmering and my fabric calling to me. 

We have a forecast of a mainly cloudy day with a  high of 0 C. Snow flurries may continue today. 

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