By carliewired

Grey Morning

The threat of snow is
still in the forecast, so we
wait to see what comes

~ carliewired

I was up just after 6 to have a look at my deck. We'd been promised snow overnight but the deck was bare. What a relief! I chugged my coffee down and headed across the bridge for a bit of a walk through Riverside Park. It was just at freezing at 9:30.

I parked by the tennis courts with intentions to look over what was happening with the $5 million renovation. I walked the perimeter of the construction zone to the railway bridge. I could see that city workers were there. They've pulled up the walkway, removed the memorial benches, street lights and garbage bins. There is a collection of large cement blocks which I suspect will be used to raise the walkway. In past years that area has been under water during high flood. 

I looked over to the Thompson River. A small flock of mallards were enjoying the sanctuary of the work zone. Across the river, trumpeter swans were keeping to themselves. As I walked back to my truck I could see the Canada geese owned the park today. They were in small groups throughout gleaning their way through the grass. Someone had brought Christmas into the work zone by decorating a small deciduous tree with colourful baubles. 

I was home with a couple of bags of groceries before 11. I will remain and be entertained/distracted by my quilting fabric. 

Our forecast is for a cloudy day with high of 2 C with a chance of snow flurries. 

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