A busy morning just doing household chores getting ready for Mum's Christmas visit starting on Thursday.  

Now I've got my laptop working again just ensuring everything is transferred and having to catch up on the projects I've missed whilst it was poorly.

Food in (apart from Higginson's order on Christmas Eve_, cards all sent (apart from an important one to be handed over personally) - so let Christmas commence.  Well kinda - it's going to be a very quiet one for us, but that is good because the most important thing of all is that we are all well and safe.

Just a photo from the balcony of The Tree all shrouded in mist with the new weathervane that the neighbours have suddenly put up on their shed.  We only noticed it a couple of days ago, wonder how long it's been there!!??

Do take care everyone and stay safe.  Thank you all so much for all your comments, stars and hearts.  So pleased you Gus fans loved his photo from yesterday.

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