By flavia13


What a change in the weather.  On the good side the temperatures have risen quite a lot.  On the down side it's been more or less non stop rain all day - yuk!!!  Ahh well at least there's no more ice and snow - well only the very tops.

Just catching up on a few things today.  Took G to The Shearing Shed (our local barber) this afternoon for a good trim.  Whilst he was in there I went around to Yewbarrow Terrace to take some photos of the window displays.  St Mary's Hospice always does a great display, but I didn't like the photo.  However this one caught my eye as it is dedicated to someone who loved Christmas and I think that is rather lovely - as t reminds me of my Dad who was another who loved Christmas.

That's all from me for today.  Do take care and stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

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