By flavia13


A busy but good day today.

I took G to Ulverston.  We started off at Gillam's of course for a coffee.  Then visited the shops, Bramble, Squirrel, The Market, Oxfam Bookshop and the card shop.

That took us a couple of hours.  Then G asked if we could go to Conishead Priory (Manjushri) for lunch.  So we had the soup and sandwich combo there.  Considering it was just gone 1.00pm when we got there it was fairly quiet, so it was good. 

Whilst G browsed in the shop I walked on down to the river for a blip.  The problem is I've been so busy that I forgot to check my camera settings and I had the lense set up on Manual but the camera set up for Aperture priority - eeek.  So this is the best photo that came out.  I am now going to check that the camera is on my stanard setting before I go out tomorrow.

This is just outside the entrance to Conishead Priory and the numerous times I've been there I didn't realise you could see The Hoad (in the distance (from there).  

We then got home and watched A Christmas Carol, the George C Scott version - which is very good - however I do prefer the Alastair Sim version and the musical Scroog - but  do like to watch one of these three plus a Muppet Chritmas Carol at least once during Christmas Week.  So now I've seen it, Christma can begin!!

Do take care everyone and stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

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