Everyday Life

By Julez


I'm going to try to keep this brief.

Yesterday afternoon we went for our Covid booster. The nurse told us that as we'd had two Astra Zeneca's we should have either Moderna or Pfizer this time as mixing things up offered greater protection. We joined the shorter Pfizer queue and were soon on our way home.

Later I went to work. It wasn't very busy and was a long, boring night not helped by my colleague Yasser virtually counting down the minutes until we could go home.

Eventually we did go home, I did my Blip comment (Sorry for daft, repetitive half-witted commenting these days - I only get to do them when I'm half asleep!) Then I took painkillers for my sore arm and went to bed!

That is where the trouble started. I was freezing, Brian was snoring having gone to his work Christmas drinks and come back rat-arsed, and my bladder was needing hourly emptying as I wasn't asleep and had had a cup of tea, bottle of water and a mug of coffee throughout the evening. Every trip down to the bathroom felt like descending and re-ascending a snowy mountain. It's a wonder I didn't wake everyone in the house with my chattering  teeth! I had six treks like this. Every bit of me ached like a bastard and I was so cold I sent my hot water bottle cold. 

Brian went down and refilled my hot water bottle and made me a second one too, just for my icy feet. This helped and I managed a few hours of fitful sleep.

It was tempting to stay in bed but I got up so the toilet was nearer and spent most of the day dozing under a blanket on the sofa. I rang in sick at work. Hekmat was fine about it. I wouldn't have been much use, and anyway I don't think customers would fancy being served by someone who looked like the living dead.

This photo is a crappy one of the star on the back room Christmas tree. I know what I was trying to do but could not quite manage it and in the circumstances this will have to do!

I'm still really tired and still feel dodgy. I'd had minimal side-effects with the first vaccines but this feels worse than when I had Covid!

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