By DonnaWanna

The Ibis Outside My Window

I was fascinated to spend a bit of time watching this lovely ibis having a grooming session on the gate outside my window. The gate must have been hot because she kept doing a little dance but stayed there for ages. In extras she is enjoying the breeze through her wings as she does the little dance ;o)

Its been a mixed bag today, busy for the most part until about 3pm when we heard about a couple of covid cases which had popped up in the community and that masks would be reinstated at 6pm as this person/persons had been in the community since last Sunday, plenty of time to spread it around.
Then when the exposure sites were put up online we realised some of them were our customers from nightclubs and that one of their staff had been in to drop some stuff off two days ago and I had chatted to her for a while!!! I gave her a call and she had been working when one of the covid cases was in the club and now she’s in quarantine eeeeeeeek!!!  The anxiety was raising up very quickly as it meant I was a casual contact!!!   
So with xmas looming and Julian coming to stay over OMG decisions had to be made!!  Anyway with the help of the staff where he lives we all decided that Xmas should be postponed and he should stay home until this little kerfuffle was over!  I would hate to get it and pass it onto all those vulnerable people.  He wasnt happy of course but accepted it all in the end.   I may drive down there on Xmas morning masked up and drop off his presents as a surprise ;o)

Of course all the nightclubs and pubs etc have to close until next Tuesday so all the equipment we’ve been frantically fixing ready for xmas may not even get picked up aargh!!  

Total madness all round and so much food in the fridge, so much booze and nibbles ready for the now cancelled xmas party in the workshop tomorrow…..sheesh!!!!

I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow night, have to lay the head down ;o)xxx

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