An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Veggies look away!

We are very fortunate to have two fantastic butcher's shops in our High Street, both supplying local produce.  There is something fantastically reassuring knowing that the meat on your plate was born, raised and grazed on fields near your house or at the most an hour's drive away.

I do my best to support both butchers and this year I've bought all my Christmas meat from Simon Howie's shop, and all my Hogmanay and New Year's Day meat from our other butcher, Allan's of Auchterarder.

David set off early this morning to collect the order.  They run a great system where all pre-paid orders are collected from the side door, thereby keeping queuing customers waiting to be served separate from those collecting their orders.  It's a fast and efficient way of doing things.

Tesco order arrived as well and apart from a few minor substitutions all was present and correct.  I can now relax knowing the Christmas and Boxing Day food is in the house :-))

That said, I forgot to buy something for tonight's dinner!  Doh!  Defrosted some homemade beef ragu and had that so no great drama.

Now trying to get the wrapping finished.  Just Lola's new blanket, dog toys and treats to wrap but they're getting put in a large Santa gift bag as she'll just chew wrapping paper.  Other than that, a couple of small things still to wrap and try and find Ele and Jen's birthday cards that I put in a safe place at the start of the month and now can't remember where.

Tomorrow's fun game will working out all the timings and temperatures of the food for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and writing myself a schedule.  Much easier than trying to work it all out on the day.  

Plus it's good to have nice and easy written instructions just incase I have too many Cosmopolitans with breakfast  David ends up having to cook.  

2 sleeps! :-))

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