By LeeAnne

Christmas Eve dip…

After looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow we decided today would be the lesser of two evils. It rained. It was cold. It was bleak. On the plus side I didn’t see any poo floating by. I bet the 40mph winds forecast for tomorrow don’t turn up and it’s perfectly sunny and we’ll still be in bed!

There was another swimmer at groyne 4 who had arrived just before us. Whilst we are still in skins, he was literally in his skin. He was busy setting up his phone on a dinky tripod not a euphemism so we figured staying out of his shot was wise. I’m not sure what his purpose was but the star jumps in the buff (if that’s what they were) were vaguely amusing, fortunately from a safe distance.

Afterwards, The Beach House was warm and the coffee strong and my blip was easy! My partner in madness and I watched the rain whilst hugging the radiator and scoffing toast (me) and a croissant (LadyF) whilst watching some other hardy souls brave the sea from the warmth indoors. We’re always intrigued by other swimmers who appear to be local, how lovely it would be to just step out of your front door and into the sea. Or rather how lovely it would be to step out of the sea and straight through your front door! Much less faff!

Now I can feel my toes once more, a hot water bottle and the sofa are beckoning.

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