Everyday Life

By Julez


That's how I would sum up today's weather, in  a nutshell. This photo was taken on my phone as I walked to my Dad's this morning.

My Dad had very much enjoyed the GF quiche Jeri had sent him. He's also found a recipe book to use with his slow cooker and is planning to cook more of his own meals again and only use the Meals on Wheels box meals in emergencies. He wants us to go to Lidl's and do a shop tomorrow.

Brian collected me from there and we did a quick Tesco shop to tide us over for the next few days. Earlier today I called Hekmat to see when he wants me to work this week. I have Thursday, Friday, Saturday. On the plus side, I just have three days this week. On the minus side I am doing both New Years' Eve and New Years' Day!

I feel like going to sleep now!

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