By carliewired

Warming Up?

The outside is now
warming while the inside is
dropping in degrees

~ carliewired

It's another grey day but the arctic front is losing its grip on us this week. 
This morning it was -22 C outside while I was drinking my coffee at 7 AM. No sunrise to speak of today. It is cloudy with a wind chill factor. 

I dressed warmly today. I put my leggings on inside my jeans and added a neck warmer to my outer wear before heading out the door at 9. I made a brief stop at the nearest grocery store for essentials. Then, I drove to the Schubert Drive Lookout near the grocer's. 

This was a very, very short jaunt with my camera today. There was nothing nice about being outdoors. I grabbed a quick shot of my mountains across the frozen North Thompson River. I looked south past the Poles towards the downtown. Everything was grey, cold and uninviting. No birds to be seen at all. I jumped back in the truck and headed for home. 

I'm having some problem with my heating today. Having just replaced both furnaces in September, I find this a bit upsetting. The furnace people don't start back to work until tomorrow so I've left them a message to call me. Meanwhile N will come to have a look. I will try to add some heat with portable heaters and my kitchen oven. I don't want pipes to freeze! 

I've logged in to my collage maker (Foto) to discover they are revamping the website. It looks all new to me and I'm a bit frustrated to find my way through the process. I found I couldn't move a photo around inside the template as I once did. It wants to chop things off so my collage doesn't make me happy today. 

I will collect my daughter at noon. We'd like to find a place for lunch and some bargains at the fabric store afterwards. 

We can expect a high of -19 today with a chance of flurries. We are still warned of frostbite so one must protect exposed skin when outdoors. It would seem to be warming up to more normal winter temperatures as the week progresses. 

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