By carliewired

From the Deck

The sun is to be
enjoyed this morning, but there's
warning of extremes

~ carliewired

It was a very calm -27 C this morning on my deck at 7:30. I had to dress warmly and put on my snow boots to tromp along the front of the house to my best picture-taking spot on the deck. I did this three times to capture the stages of light. There was half a moon hanging over the city on my first go.  

I love that peachy glow behind the mountains. It spreads and rises. Today, the surprise was a spot of rainbow that appeared beside my mountains once the sun broke over the horizon. This spherical rainbow rose in the sky with the sun. Meteoroligists must have a name for this phenomena. 

I've met my blip obligations for the day now. I will stay home, gratefully. I have said a prayer for the animals and humans that must be out in this trying to find food and comfort. 

I think it's a good day to make soup and quilt. 

The forecast indicates we might expect a high of -18 C today with a chance of flurries this afternoon and into tomorrow. We have an extreme cold warning today. There is a risk of frostbite.

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