By carliewired

Riverside Park at -16 C

It has been one more
cold walk around the park this
morning. I got chilled.

~ carliewired

I was out clearing the driveway at 8:30 when it was -17 C and calm. We received about 3 inches of light, fluffy snow so it was no great effort to move it. 

I headed out to drop letters at the postal substation, then drove across the bridge to Riverside Park in the downtown. The city workers had been out clearing the main arteries. Traffic was light. The roads were in good winter condition. 

There was little activity in the park this morning. I had been wondering where all the wild birds had gone since McArthur Island seemed to have none. It appears they've all moved to the shoreline of Riverside Park. There was a large flock of mallard ducks in the parking lot near the railway bridge. As I approached they didn't seem to mind my precence. I paused to take a photo, then there was a loud noise which startled the ducks. They took to the air en masse making me take a few steps back as they moved in my direction. 

I walked closer to the river to discover a huge congregation of all kinds of water fowl - trumpeter swans, Canada geese and ducks. They seemed to be a very compatible group sharing the shoreline. A few moved into the open water, but most were squatted down on the icy shore. They must want the open water. 

I was getting thoroughly chilled so I marched back through the snow to my truck and made for home. 

After lunch I will be playing with my quilting fabric again. There might be a nap on the agenda as I woke up too early this morning. I would like a tamale pie for dinner tonight. 

We might expect a high of -15 C on this cloudy day with snow flurries this afternoon. Our daytime and nighttime temperatures are moderating this week. 

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